Health Alert - You can thank me later! ;)


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    Health Alert - You can thank me later! ;)

    Post by izy19 on Wed 04 Mar 2009, 15:20

    Scientists have only recently learned that all computer screens are covered with bacteria, dust, and germs on the inside that can be dangerous to your health.

    This is caused by a variety of reasons and it can prove to be a health hazard for everyone that uses the computer Some at the CDC in Atlanta have recently said that this problem can be as dangerous as cigarette smoking because of the time that most of us are now spending on computers for work and personal reasons.

    Thankfully someone has come up with a way to address the issue, by clicking the link below, most users will be able to see the obvious benefits of a cleaner system in mere moments.

    Click on this link to clean the inside of your screen:


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